About the Phoenix Women's Half

Packet Pick-up & Event Details!

Friday,  January 27, 2017
4:00 - 7:00pm
at Road Runner Sports in Phoenix.
7077 E Mayo Blvd Suite 150, Phoenix, AZ 85054

(480) 513-1774
Sunday, January 29, 2017
Rose Mofford Sports Complex (race location) beginning at 7:00am

  Event Schedule - Sunday, 01/29/2017

  • January 29 07:00 AM - Race Day Packet Pick-up and Registration Opens
  • January 29 08:00 AM - Half Marathon Run Begins
  • January 29 08:15 AM - 10K Run/Walk Begins
  • January 29 08:30 AM - 5K Run/Walk Begins
  • January 29 09:30 AM - Award Ceremony Begins (approx)

  • Race Day Registration will be available beginning at 7:00am at Rose Mofford Sports Complex.
  • The half will start at 8am!

  Race Location

  • Rose Mofford Sports Complex
    9833 N 25th Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85021 (map)

The Phoenix Women's Half Marathon

The 2nd annual Phoenix Women's Half, 10k and 5k!

Join us and become a part of the 2nd annual event destined to be the premier women's running event in Arizona!

Women's running has seen a decline in Arizona over the past 3 years. There are no runs that are dedicated to women and we re here to change all that. The Phoenix Women's Half is a half marathon, 10k and 5k dedicated to bring you a well run event without all of the confusion that comes with large events with thousands of people, long bathroom lines, high prices and inadequate parking.

We're getting back to basics ... running! The 2nd anual Phoenix Women's Half is a half marathon 10k and 5k that you and your friends can have a great time at as well. Come out and PR! It's a great course, some pavement, some crushed gravel and all FUN! Finish it off at the gorgeous Rose Mofford Sports Complex with an award ceremony and giveaways like Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, amazing custom running Jewelry from GirlsRunFast and more!

Can't make it? Running another event the same day? The Phoenix Women's Half , 10k and 5k are Virtual Runs too!

The jacket, you voted, we listened! The 2017 jacket is purple. Not another tech shirt at this event, this is an amazing jacket, 2 pockets, 1/4 zipper, fitted and the gorgeous Phoenix Women's Half logo!*

The Phoenix Women's Half Marathon Jacket
*Jacket may vary slightly from image shown.

Meet Lori Tabarangao

Lori is an inspirational runnner with a GREAT story we'd thought we'd share and she's running with us in January!

In July of 2013 something in me ignited and sparked what I now refer to as an unstoppable warrior! What I didn't realize then was the difference between being alive and living. My health was anything but good and without even realizing it I was letting it define and control me. I've survived cancer three times, a massive bleed that left me in a coma after being resuscitated (3 times), a diagnosis of Lupus and more surgeries than I can count. As you can imagine when you have serious health problems, the secondary side effects can be worse than the disease itself. A few of the side effects that I personally endured were massive weight gain (from the steroids and other medications), pain medication dependency for 4 years, depression, anxiety, PTSD and a huge amount of guilt for the stress, worry and hurt my family had to endure because of me! In March of 2013, I underwent yet another major surgery in which my entire stomach was removed along with a large section of my intestines and part of my esophagus. It was at this point I realized there was a reason I was still here and things had to change. What changed you ask? The answer is simple, "I changed because it hit me that I wanted to start living my life" not just stay alive!

I knew my life wouldn't be the same, that I would need to find a new normal, learn how to eat for my new anatomy, lose the weight in a healthy way and most importantly find a coping mechanism for my pain, depression and anxiety. It was a very slow process but, I started working out in the gym with my husband and after a few months I moved onto a personal trainer then by June of 2014 I had started crossfit. One thing I dreaded about crossfit was the cardio part, running 200m was daunting. I met a young woman who was a runner and I reached out to her in March of 2015 simply curious about the whole "running phenomenon!" Well my life completely changed after that conversation. She convinced me that I could run my first half marathon in May and I love a challenge so we signed up for the Colfax half marathon. Remember I couldn't run 200m but I was determined to FINISH this race!!

Well not only did I do it but I finished it in under the 3 hour mark I had given myself! I was hooked and on the drive home I had already signed up for my next one a month later. In July I went in for a routine exam and 3 days later my Dr called to let me know my Thyroid cancer markers were positive and that I once again would be fighting this awful disease.The difference this time, I put on my running shoes and went for a run. No,running won't cure me but either will sitting on the couch being depressed or feeling sorry for myself! I've chosen to share my story to help inspire others because no matter what you're facing there is always light at the end of the "road!!" Don't ever be afraid to step out of your comfort zone or to live your life to the absolute fullest! I learned that our bodies are capable of doing so much more than our minds lead us to believe! If you look at the word "impossible" you have two ways to look at it and I see it as "I'M POSSIBLE!" So when I hit that imaginary wall during a run, a treatment or during tests where my mind starts trying to say "I can't, stop, I'm tired, in pain or it would be easier to quit, etc. all I have to do is remind myself that "I can" do it! Always remember it's how we choose to deal with our challenges and obstacles that define us! Yes,I have cancer and lupus but they sure as HELL don't have me!!

To think back to March 2015 when the thought of running made me cringe to what I have accomplished since is beyond amazing. Here is what I have done thus far:17 half marathons, a 25k, a 30k rucksack memorial day challenge, and numerous smaller races! My #1 bucket list race was the Marine Corps Marathon and I am currently in training to run it in October (my very first full)! I realize it might look crazy to most people but it's the only thing that is keeping me sane and honestly feels like the only thing I can control at the moment!! This time around I am fighting "my way" and it includes RUNNING and FITNESS!! Attitude is 99% of the battle and I am proof that anything is possible if you want it bad enough! It isn't easy but with grit, determination, commitment and self-belief it's possible and definitely worth it! #Runningformylife

God Bless, Lori Tabarangao

The Phoenix Women's Half Marathon JacketThe Phoenix Women's Half Marathon Jacket

Lodging Information: There are many hotels within walking distance and a short drive if you coming in for the event.